Laboratory Services

Laboratory Services

We are dedicated to providing testing services of the highest quality and greatest possible value to customers on a timely, convenient, and economical basis. Our current focus on microbiological testing has allowed us to develop expertise, beyond that conferred by our accredited scope, in identifying foodborne pathogens in the food manufacturing chain. We perform microbiology testing of meat and meat products, poultry, and other high-risk products from many of the most reputable meat producers and processors in Jamaica. Our microbial tests can determine contamination rapidly and accurately so that companies can prevent outbreaks before they occur or quickly get their businesses back on track in the event of a crisis.

Clinical Services

H1H Laboratory currently provides haematological and clinical chemistry testing for animals and is developing the ability to perform human bloodwork using the technology and instruments specifically designed for humans.

Industrial Services

H1H Laboratory provides the testing of food, water, and environmental swabs, and performs environmental monitoring including air quality checks.