Clinical Services

Clinical Services

H1H Laboratory currently provides haematological and clinical chemistry testing for animals and is developing the ability to perform human bloodwork using the technology and instruments specifically designed for humans. Our clinical microbiology services for both humans and animals are currently being developed to provide practitioners with superior quality laboratory results and timeliness of reporting. We are not ready yet, but our aim is to make the microbiological testing of clinical samples a quick and efficient way of determining the appropriateness of treatment and the detection of new antibiotic resistance. Stay tuned

Human Clinical Testing

Stay tuned

Veterinary Clinical Testing

H1H Laboratory provides testing for dogs, cats, horses, exotic animals, and a variety of farm animal species. We offer a wide range of clinical tests to assist veterinarians to diagnose the complex range of maladies that affect animals, and to monitor patients while they are being treated. Our tests include haematology, serology, biochemistry, microbiology, coagulation profiles, urinalysis, cytology, toxicology, parasitology, and blood electrolyte analysis. Apart from our in-house capabilities, our partnership with IDEXX Reference Laboratories in the United States gives our customers access to a complete and advanced menu of diagnostic tests, including hundreds of real-time PCR panels. Call our Laboratory to inquire about the availability of any test that you may need for any animal species.

Veterinary Clinical Tests

  • Blood Film Analysis
  • Complete Urinalysis
  • Bacterial Culture and Sensitivity
  • Cytology Testing – Through Subcontracting Partners



  • Ova
  • Cysts
  • Parasites